AUDIENCE - The premier Fort Lauderdale neighborhoods we reach are home to THE most affluent local homeowners and residents with THE most discretionary income and buying power in all of Fort Lauderdale!

READERSHIP - With RELEVANT content about each neighborhood...written and compiled BY each neighborhood FOR their own neighborhood...they are read by virtually EVERYONE. Your ad WILL be seen!

REACH - Mailed USPS direct mail to EVERY home, condo, apartment and business in each neighborhood...over 30,000 homeowners and residents in their own neighborhood magazine...for a FRACTION of the cost of a direct mail piece or a city or lifestyle magazine ad!

RESULTS - Profit. Promotion. Protection. Pride. Positioning. Awareness. Branding. 
Whatever your advertising objectives may be, reaching out to your local neighborhood homeowners as a sponsor of their official neighborhood newsletter programs is one of the BEST ways to connect with them!

To reserve your ad space now or for more detailed info, please contact us at
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THINK LOCAL.  It's where your business lives.

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