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                                              CRCCE HOA Board Message

                                              Dear Neighbors,

                                                         hile walking my dog one evening, I ran into Nancy Seiler and during
                                                         our chat she commented, “I love this neighborhood.” This is not the first
                                              W time I have heard this sentiment in the ten years that my husband and I
                                              have lived here. In fact, I’ve said it myself.
                                              Coral Ridge Country Club Estates provides us with beautiful waterways, lush foliage,
                                              convenience to the abundant amenities of the city, and a rich choice of condos and
                                              homes for singles, couples and families. These things attract people to our
                                              neighborhood, but it is the friendliness and warmth of our neighbors that make us
                                              say, “I love this neighborhood.”
                                              Allow me a moment to transition to my central point. Our comfort within our
                                              neighborhood, at least in part, is due to the advocacy of the Homeowner’s
                                              Association. The security, safety and beautiful environment that we all need to fully
                                              enjoy our neighborhood and our neighbors requires a forum that hears us, conveys
                     Vicki Lynch              our message and campaigns for us. Strong relationships with law enforcement, road
                   Board Member               improvements, and beautification projects have not and will not be realized without

                                              the Homeowner’s Association. The HOA voices our needs and works with local
                                              officials to fulfill them.

                                              As we all benefit, so should we all support our HOA. Membership needs to be
                                              renewed every January and extends to December 31st of that year. This year,
                                              prospective members can join the HOA online, as well as with a check and the paper
                                              application in this newsletter. The cost to homeowners is as little as $25. If you wish
                                              to join online:
                                              • Go to the HOA website
                                              • On the Homepage, click on the Donate button to connect to Paypal where you
                                              will be able to use your credit card to make payment.
                                              • Please provide your address where indicated and under Send a Message
                                              include your name/s as you would like it listed, your email address and a contact
                                              phone number.
                                                         Information collected by the HOA is not shared with anyone.
                                              Coral Ridge Country Club Estates needs to remain responsive and proactive to the
                                              growth and changes that impact our community. We need to work to maintain a
                                              neighborhood where everyone feels, “I love this neighborhood.”
                                              Please consider joining with your neighbors to support your Homeowner’s
                                              I look forward to seeing you at our Annual Meeting on Thursday, January 17, 2019
                                              at 6:30PM at Cardinal Gibbons.

                                              Vicki Lynch
                                              Secretary to the Board

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