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              HB Security...continued

              Dec 24th - Merry Christmas Eve! All quiet             unknown/not good address by GPS coordinates. Sylvan
                                                                    Lake was checked and all appeared ok.
              Dec 25th - Merry Christmas!
                                                                    - 12:00 pm - HBI member contacted patrol officers in
              Dec 26th - 02:00 am - HBI Officer responded to Fire alarm/
              found to be a false alarm.                            reference to garbage and dumping on right of way and
                                                                    homeowner’s lawn in the area of 1200 E Lake Drive. The
              Dec 27th - 10:00am - advised by HBI board member of a  Officer advised they will also contact the hotel/motel on the
              members cars stolen in the last 4 days/ HBI contacted the  other side of the fence. A Code report was filed for trash
              victim and found the cars had been shipped from PA and  and illegal accessory building at the hotel.
              delivered. The keys were left with the vehicles and
              disappeared sometime between Dec 25th-Dec 27th. A     January 4th - 10:10 pm - HBI resident advised of suspicious
                                                                    boat docked at vacant property. The HBI Officer responded
              report was taken. HBI Officer recently was advised the
              vehicles were recovered in Lauderhill. They were      and the vessel was gone.
              unoccupied at the time and returned to the owner. No  Sincerely,
              known culprits at this time.
                                                                    Ptl Sandi Downs-Keesling
              - 10:40 am - HBI member advised Tractor/Trailer took out
                                                                    Fort Lauderdale Police Dept., 1300 West Broward Blvd
              cable lines on W Lake drive. HBI Officer responded and
              found no lines down. There are several low hanging wires  Fort Lauderdale, Fla 33312
              that have been reported several times to different
              companies....well...we will see how fast they respond? FYI
              ...the low hanging wires are not high tension electric wires,
              they are usually utility cables.
                                                                         Important Numbers
              - 2:40 pm - HBI board member called in reference to
              several people swimming in Sylvan Lake. The concern of the               Emergency – 911
              recent sewer pipe explosions and sewer / is not a good               Hurricane Neighbor Hotline
              time to be swimming. The marine unit was contacted and                    954-828-8888
              advised all in the water. Apparently, they were from out of
                                                                                24-Hour Neighbor Service Center
              town/anchored and shocked to find out what they were                      954-828-8000
              swimming in .....always good to check the local news!
                                                                               Police Department - Non-Emergency -
              Dec 28th - 06:30 am - HBI member called in reference to            954-764-4357 or 954-764-HELP
              loud music coming from a neighbors house. The owner was
                                                                                     City Commission Office
              contacted and turned down the music.
              Dec 29th - 10:00 pm - audible alarm handled by patrol                        City Hall
              officer/ no HBI Officer on duty. All was secure.
              - 10:10 pm - HB resident advised of a black sports car seen
                                                                                   City Hall Water Department
              speeding in the area on a regular basis. The area will be                 954-828-5150
                                                                                   Florida Power & Light (FPL) -
              Dec 30th - all quiet                                             1-800-468-8243 or 1-800-4OUTAGE
              Dec 31st - Happy New Years Eve! HBI was called about a             AT&T / BellSouth Repair Service
              large party. The party was checked and no issues were found.             1-877-737-2478
              January 1st - Happy 2020!!! Wow ...where has the time gone?        TECO / People's Gas Company
              - 11:00pm - fishing subjects were advised to leave the area.
                                                                              American Red Cross (Broward Chapter)
              January 2nd - all quiet                                                   954-763-9900
              January 3rd - 10:30 am - HBI Officer dispatched to an

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