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                                              President’s Message

                                                       arbor Beach neighbors reigned in 2020 with a round of Annual meetings
                                                       held by the three organizations that are Harbor Beach. The Harbor Beach
                                              H Property Homeowners Association, Inc, Harbor Beach Island Fund, Inc. and
                                              the Harbor Beach Surf Club all held their meetings in January.
                                              The Harbor Beach Property Homeowners Association, Inc. wishes to sincerely thank
                                              Mayor Dean Trantalis, District 4 City Commissioner Ben Sorensen, City Manager
                                              Chris Lagerbloom, and Hal Barnes, P.E. Senior Assistant to the City Manager,
                                              Neighbor Support, for taking the time out of their packed schedules to attend our
                                              meeting and update us on infrastructure, traffic and other issues both city and county
                                              wide. We are also very grateful to City Manager Lagerbloom in providing us the
                                              additional appropriate city staff members to directly address our neighbors’ concerns.
                                              A complete list of those staff members and a brief synopsis of the minutes of the
                                              HBPHOA and HBI Security meetings can be found inside this issue.
                                              A collective theme and message heard from our neighbors at all three organizations
                                              was the need to increase participation and further better communication to residents
                    Annette Ross              old and new. Our three organizations together protect and keep our families safe,
                      President               enhance our property values and renew our very souls when lost in the natural world
                                              of our own beach club. The HBPHOA, HBI Security and Harbor Beach Surf Club
                 Harbor Beach Property        boards all committed to create new paths to "get the word out" to our neighbors of
              Homeowners Association, Inc.    these amenities and services available to them.
                   1322 SE 17th Street
              Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316  Sylvan Lake. The unrestricted anchoring in Sylvan Lake continues to increase as does
                    954-401-2007c             the possibility of increased water pollution from vessels with compromised holding
           tanks. A "Save Sylvan Lake" task force is formally in the making and if you would like
                                              join in the fight please sign up at Madeira Beach has
                                              enacted new restrictive ordinances governing anchoring and we are looking to see if
              BOARD OF DIRECTORS              we can follow in their footsteps.
                    Ann Cadwalader

                       Pat Riley
                    Barry Somerstein
                    Isobel Sturgeon

                    Trish Bailey-Entin

               Rupp Associates, Accounting

                                              Tree canopy. Harbor Beach is blessed with a mature and old growth tree canopy, but
                                              it is disappearing before our eyes due new construction. There is great concern about

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