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                                     President’s Message...continued

                                                                    project, and also remind them that, to us, this is not a job
                                                                    site but our home. Please also request they carpool what
                                                                    workers they are able to, as some of the sub-contractors
                                                                    vehicles have loud exhaust systems.
                                                                    Traffic. Construction brings trucks. A lot of trucks that then
                                                                    block our streets to normal traffic. But we can be part of the
                                                                    solution. We strongly urge our neighbors to allow their staff
                                                                    and workmen to park in their driveways while working at your
                                                                    home to keep our very narrow streets open for traffic and
                                                                    EMS. What if it were you or a loved one to suffer a
                                                                    emergency health crisis and EMS could not get to you? At that
                                                                    moment, would your worry be about an oil drip or tread mark
              the loss of shade and habitat within the community and a  on your driveway?  Most of us are Amazon Prime members
              Tree and Landscape committee has formed to work with the  with more cardboard boxes than we know what to do with. A
              city to save what remains and plant for the future. You can  good use for them could be right there in your driveway.
              help us protect our legacy trees by joining the committee at  On a final note, please be sure to read about The Oyster
                                    Project at the end of this issue. 100 Oyster Catchers are
              Be a Good Neighbor. As we who live here are painfully  being deployed this spring on dock pilings around Fort
              aware, our neighborhood is going through a major      Lauderdale with several objectives, among them being to
              transformation with new construction. While in the end this is  determine the true condition of our Intracoastal and canal
              a good thing, living through it while getting there is difficult at  waterways. And at the same time helping to clean up our
              times. During this time, if we strive to be a good neighbor we  waterways, as one oyster filters 50 gallons of water per
              will get there together and be a better community for it.  day. Read the article for info and opportunities to participate
                                                                    in the program either this spring or in a 2nd effort that will
              Noise. The weather that we live here for has finally arrived,
                                                                    take place this fall. Cleaner, healthier water won’t take place
              yet the noise from another home demolition or dock pilings
                                                                    overnight, but this can be a good start.  HB
              being driven makes it near impossible to go outside and
              enjoy it. For those of you building new or remodeling,  Annette Ross, President
              please request your contractors be respectful of the
                                                                    Harbor Beach Property Homeowners Association
              neighborhood and control the noise emulating from the

              HBI Security               By Ptl Sandi Downs-Keesling

              Good day and                                          the area. Patrol Officer responded and made contact with
                                                                    the individuals. They left the area without incident.
              HAPPY NEW YEAR!                                       Dec 21st - Quiet and dreary day/night.

              I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!       Dec 22nd - Happy Hanukkah !"Chag Urim Sameach!
              I apologize for the delay in updates this past month but  Dec 23rd - The demolition for 1645 E Lake Dr has been
              wound up with the Flu/Viral infection and Bronchitis! still on  underway since Dec 19th. The owner understands the
              the mend...but it is what it is...remember to take your  concerns of the "curve" and has been diligent in working
              vitamins and get your proper rest!                    with his crew to keep the road clear as possible with flag
                                                                    men when needed. If anyone has concerns please call/text
              Dec 20th - 10:20 pm - HBI member advised hearing kids on  so we can pass on the information to the project manager.
              the street/yelling profanities and did not appear to be from

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