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               SUMMARY OF                                                             PATROL LOGS

                                                By PTL Officer Sandi Downs-Keeling

                         10/5/21 was my last day at FLPD! As of 10/6/2021,
                           I’m officially retired after 31 1/2 years of service!

                    irst and foremost, I want to thank you all for allowing  1:50 pm: HBI member turned in a Ferrari key fob found by a
                    me to be one of your long-time Harbor Beach Security  landscaper. The Ferrari company was contacted by the HBI
              F Officers! Over the past 30 years I have been your   Officer and found it to be an older fob that was unable to be
              Officer, friend, consultant, counselor, babysitter-uh hum-seeing  scanned. The matching Ferrari is a possible rental vehicle.
              your kids grow up over the years! I am sincerely going to
                                                                    Tues Sept 21
              miss all of you! I will still be in the area, and for those that
                                                                    06:30 am: HBI Officer responded to a members alarm. All
              are not aware, I will continue as a realtor, selling in the area!
                                                                    was secure and no charges were incurred by the member.
              (Give me a call anytime! 954-445-2750).
              Now for the HBI Security updates: A few of our residents  Thurs Sept 23
              have stopped by the guardhouse and asked me if we  have  7:10 pm: HBI member advised of an alarm activation due to
              enough “Where is your FOB?” signs in the area. Their recent  heavy rain. The Officer cleared the call to avoid charges.
              installation is due to an increase in stolen vehicles, once
              again! PLEASE keep your key fobs in your house, not in your  Friday Sept 24
              cars, even if they are garaged!                       HBI Officer was dispatched to a 911 call. Workers on the
                                                                    property advised the Officer all was ok.
              Thurs Sept 9
              09:25 am: Construction truck found parked on W. Lake curve
              and was moved.                                        Please continue to instruct your staff and contractors that they
                                                                    shoud be using Harbor Beach Parkway entrance/exit on a
              Friday, Sept 10                                       regular basis. As we all know, it is a tight turn for any
              07:12 am: HBI member of a construction site advised of a  service/contract trucks to enter/exit and does have a posted
              stolen construction fan. 12:15 pm: Traffic citation was issued  sign/”no entrance.” Please use Harbor Beach Parkway.
              to a landscape company blocking a driveway.

              12:50 pm: HBI Officer shut down a marine construction  Sincerely,
              company attempting to unload trees from a bridge. They were
              re-directed to the proper construction site location.  PTL Sandi Downs-Keesling
                                                                    Fort Lauderdale Police
              Tues Sept 14                                          Harbor Beach Security Patrol
              01:00 am: HBI Officer moved four fishermen from the bridges.  Private Citizen(!), Realtor
              Friday Sept 17                                        Emergency – 911
              11:00 am: HBI Officer made contact with several  tourists  Non-Emergency - 954-764-4357 or 954-764-HELP
              enjoying our well-maintained neighborhood, house designs
              and mega yachts! They were then shown the proper way out.

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