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                                              President’s Message

                                                       arbor Beach Property Homeowners Association in
                                                       conjunction with Harbor Beach Security have been
                                              Hexploring the installation of License Plate Reading
                                              Cameras in our neighborhood for approximately a year and
                                              have now formally created a new Security Camera Committee
                                              to move the project to Phase One.
                                              The Security Camera Committee recently met with Lt. Jeff Jenkins of FLPD and Ryan
                                              Barnett, President, Vetted Security Solutions, to discuss system capabilities and possible
                                              camera locations. Erez Sharoni, also of Vetted, graciously supplied us with a condensed
                                              explanation of the cameras and Data sharing capabilities as seen below.

                                              Vigilant's Fixed LPR solution features a fully integrated, but compact camera and LPR
                                              processing unit. Operating with seamless integration to LEARN, or as a stand-alone
                                              product with a published Application Programming Interface (API) for customized needs.
                                              Wrap a virtual fence around your community with Vigilant's fixed License Plate
                                              Recognition (LPR) solution, to proactively prevent crime and improve safety. Add
                    Annette Ross              investigative power and enhance safety with fixed LPR cameras without increasing
                      President               manpower. Strategically positioned cameras at entries and exits create the virtual fence.
                                              • Receive alerts when vehicles of interest enter your community
                 Harbor Beach Property        • Identify rolling stolens
              Homeowners Association, Inc.    • Get more information for criminal investigations
                   1322 SE 17th Street
              Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316  • Customize for any application (security, parking, access control)
                    954-462-6428d             The system is currently used by around 140 agencies in Florida. Additional data is
                    954-401-2007c             being contributed by some Federal agencies as well.
                                              Data Privacy
                                              Vigilant Solutions maintains strict controls to ensure data security and privacy. The only
              BOARD OF DIRECTORS              way to link personally identifiable information like a name, address, or face to anonymous
                                              data records is to obtain access to a state's Department of Motor Vehicles database. That
                    Ann Cadwalader            access is currently restricted by federal law via the Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA)
                                              and carries stiff  fines and federal prison penalties for any violation.
                       Pat Riley
                Data Storage
                                              We store LPR data on secure server based on Florida regulations.
                    Barry Somerstein
              Data Security
                                              Only credentialed law enforcement officers with a valid Originating Agency Identifier (ORI)
                    Isobel Sturgeon
             number issued by the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) Division of the Federal
                                              Bureau of Investigation (FBI) may access the data on the hosted server. Vigilant Solutions is
                    Trish Bailey-Entin        compliant with all relevant requirements set forth in the FBI-CJIS Security Policy.
                                              Our neighbors in Rio Vista, Nurmi Isle and The Landings are also exploring the same LPR’s
                                              in the future, providing FLPD and BSO an incredible leg up in law enforcement. Updates to
               Rupp Associates, Accounting
                     954-525-6116             follow through HBI Security Reports.
                                              In closing, we want to THANK and WELCOME Detective Brad Jenkins to Harbor Beach,
                                              even though he has been a HBI Officer for years. Detective Jenkins is now in command of
                                              our Quebec 39 HBI Detail, taking over from retiring Officer Sandi Downs-Keesling. Thank
                                              you Detective Jenkins for your service to our City and to our own community. HB

                                              Annette Ross, President
                                              Harbor Beach Property, Homeowners Association

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