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                                               With Appreciation

                 OFFICER Sandi Downs-Keesling RETIRES

              At the September 9, 2021 Commission meeting, the City honored Officer Sandi Downs-Keesling upon her retirement from FLPD after 31 years of
              service. Sandi has been our HBI Security Officer for the past five years and will be greatly missed by all in our Harbor Beach community.

                 t is with great sadness that Harbor Beach Security  Thank you Officer
                 announces the retirement of Officer Sandi Downs-   Sandi Downs-Keesling for your
              IKeesling of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department and   dedication and 31 years of service
              Harbor Beach Security aka HBI.                        to our city and community.
              “Officer Sandi” as she is fondly known to our community   Harbor Beach shows you 10-7. HB
              arrived to serve HBI an astonishing and unbelievable 31
              years ago under the protective arm of then head of the                                  Sandi & Captain Wheeler
              Quebec-39 Detail Captain Dave Wheeler. Four+ years ago,
              while serving ac-tive duty as FLPD’s only Homeless Outreach
              Officer, Officer Sandi took over and became not only our HBI
              Q-39 Detail leader keeping our neighborhood and fami-lies
              safe but a treasured friend to us all.
              In Sandi’s own words, she has served Harbor Beach as an
              “Officer, friend, con-sultant, counselor, babysitter and
              watched your kids grow up over the years! I am sincerely
              going to miss all of you”. Our HBI Members wish to add
              “Dog Detec-tive” to her list of titles earned here with many a
              wayward pup found and safely returned home.
              Sandi’s transition from FLPD Homeless Outreach Officer and
              HBI Security to Private Citizen, Realtor and most importantly   The City of Fort Lauderdale Community Court team honored Officer
                                                                    Sandi Downs-Keesling for serving our most vulnerable population as
              Grandma will commence on Octo-ber 5, 2021.            the Homeless Outreach Officer.

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