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                                                                     The MPO arrangement has worked well in other parts of
                                                                     the country, but it is rather novel locally. We anticipate
                                                                     great results, but we also can back out of the contract at
                                                                     any time if we find it is not working.
                                                                     City staff is finalizing new regulations that should bring
                                                                     more consistency and safety to the use of scooters in
                                                                     Fort Lauderdale.
                                                                     More than 1 million rides have occurred since the city
                                                                     allowed scooters on our streets a year ago. That’s a lot of
                                                                     people who like their availability, but still their use has
                                                                     also created hazards for pedestrians and cars. The City
                                                                     Commission has wanted to better integrate scooters to
                                                                     resolve these problems.

                                                                     The regulations would permanently restrict their use on the
                                                                     barrier island as well as other areas where many
                                                                     pedestrians walk such as Las Olas Boulevard and Riverwalk.

                                                                     New recommendations being considered include reducing
                                                                     the number of operators and fleet sizes, limiting speed,
                                                                     implementing corrals where scooters are parked, requiring
                                                                     operators to address issues quicker, and implementing a
                                                                     new permit application process.

                                                                     Technology would be tapped to improve the scooter
                                                                     program. Geofencing would be used to impose the
                                                                     restrictions on where scooters may operate. A photo ID
                                                                     would need to be scanned into a smartphone app in order
                                                                     to verify the user is at least 18 years old.

                                                                     Higher fees would be charged to cover the city’s cost of
                                                                     administering the program.
                                                                     Our goal is to have a community where scooters can
                                                                     co-exist with pedestrians and cars. When we enact these
                                                                     regulations, we will take a major step in that direction.

                                                                     In closing, I wish everyone a happy holiday season.
                                                                     Please partake of the city’s various festivities from our
                                                                     holiday lighting events to our New Year’s Eve
                                                                     Downtown Countdown. HB

                                                                     Dean Trantalis
                                                                     Mayor, City of Fort Lauderdale

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