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                                              President’s Message

                                                      s we draw ever closer to not only the year's end but also the end of the decade
                                                      let us join together and celebrate new friends and neighbors and new projects
                                              A and possibilities headed our way in Harbor Beach in 2020 and beyond.

                                              Annual Meetings. See next page for complete information.
                                              South Ocean Bridge Replacement. We are very grateful
                                              and wish to thank our District 4 Commissioner Ben
                                              Sorensen for taking time out of his tightly packed schedule
                                              to attend the very lengthy last South Ocean Bridge
                                              Advisory Committee meeting. Commissioner Sorensen was
                                              able to clarify a number of points brought forth by those
                                              attending. As of this writing, no decision has been made
                                              as to whether there will be a full or partial closure of the
                                              SO Bridge during construction. Design, project duration
                                              and budget concerns continue. Ultimately Mayor Trantalis,
                    Annette Ross              Commissioner Sorensen and his fellow Commissioners will
                                              have the final decision.
                                              Pressure washing, median enhancement and public right of way "sprucing up."
                 Harbor Beach Property
              Homeowners Association, Inc.    The HBPHOA wishes to thank Daniel Spencer, Jr., Supervisor, City of Fort Lauderdale
                   1322 SE 17th Street        Parks and Recreation Department, for his heroic effort in getting our neighborhood
              Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316
                    954-462-6428d             entryways pressure washed, light bulbs replaced on Seabreeze and bridge
                    954-401-2007c             monuments, and a general sprucing up in time for us to put on a fresh face for the
                                              Boat Show! We are very grateful to him for a job well done, in record time, and we
                                              look forward to working with him in the future on our Nature and Butterfly Park.

              BOARD OF DIRECTORS              Scooters. While the City Commission
                                              continues to work through the contracts
                    Ann Cadwalader
                and restrictions related to scooters in our
                                              city, we encourage them to make the ban
                       Pat Riley              on the beach permanent. Alcoholic
                                              beverages and scooter use is a
                    Barry Somerstein          dangerous mix and a significant number
                                              of our visitors feel riding a scooter after a
                    Isobel Sturgeon           vacation cocktail or two is not equal to
                                              drunk driving. Our police officers would
                     Steve Tsingas            beg to differ.
                                              In closing, we wish you and your family
                                              a holiday filled with joy, love and
               Rupp Associates, Accounting
                     954-525-6116             laughter whether singing Christmas
                    carols or lighting a Menorah. Peace be
                                              with you and yours as we enter into our
                                              next decade together.  HB

                                              Annette Ross, President
                                              Harbor Beach Property Homeowners Association

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