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                                              Mayor’s Message

                                                      he weather is finally beginning to cool and the Northeast and Midwest have
                                                      received their first blast of Artic temperatures. Soon, we welcome the annual
                                              T arrival of snowbirds and tourists fleeing the cold.

                                              That, of course, will bring more traffic on our streets. Congestion on our roadways
                                              has been a major issue facing our city. The City Commission recently signed an
                                              agreement that we hope will herald some relief.

                                              We’ve decided to partner directly with the Broward Metropolitan Planning
                                              Organization. This high-level collaboration should allow us to better plan major
                                              projects to relieve congestion, expedite them to completion and better leverage local,
                                              state and federal assistance.
                                              For those who don’t know, the MPO is the regional transportation planning
                                              organization. Fort Lauderdale already has seats at the table on making regional
                                              policy decisions on transportation. However, this partnership takes it to another level
                                              – linking the MPO directly into the city’s transportation planning.
                   Dean Trantalis
                        Mayor                 The fact of the matter is that Broward County’s transportation network is extremely
               City of Fort Lauderdale        complex. Fort Lauderdale’s traffic is heavily influenced by the daytime influx of
                                              commuters from the western suburbs. Then, there is our tourist traffic and the traffic
                                              from our own growing population.

                                              Issues that should be simple fixes are not. For instance, everyone favors synchronizing
                                              traffic lights, yet that is under the control of the county government. Also, most major
                                              roads are under the jurisdiction of the county or state.

                                              So, the city is left to lobby as hard as possible for the interests of our residents. As the
                                              city manager has acknowledged, Fort Lauderdale has struggled with balancing
                                              resources, fulfilling priorities, maximizing funding and communicating with other
                                              governments when it comes to transportation.
                                              We believe the MPO deal will bring their expert knowledge to help us find the best
                                              solutions for our city. At the same time, we will not lose the local services of the city’s
                                              Transportation & Mobility Department that neighborhoods expect.
                   Office Contact:             Traffic engineering will be handled by the city. Review of development plans and
                     Scott Wyman
                                              parking requirements will also continue to be done by the city. City staff will also
                 Assistant to the Mayor
           prioritize projects and act as the neighborhood liaison.
                 Phone: 954.828.5004          Under the agreement, the MPO will dedicate a transportation planner for each
                                              commission district. Their unique expertise in planning, programming and
                                              coordination will help ensure our decisions regarding transportation are as effective
                                              and efficient as possible. One example is that they can help us leverage the new
                                              county transportation surtax as much as possible.

                                              We have already seen the creativity of the MPO.
                                              When the city canceled the Wave streetcar project, it was the MPO that suggested
                                              creating a transit loop around downtown with a dedicated lane for rapid-transit vehicles
                                              through a one-way pairing of North Andrews Avenue and Northeast 3rd Avenue.

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