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                                        Neighborhood Update continued

              Column, in the approximate timeframe of 3/30 to 4/15. We   Bike Lane Buffer. Traffic and Mobility has submitted a request
              continue to monitor for any updates for the scheduled work and   for funding of additional bike path “buffer striping” on
              will advise, once the city provides the requested update.  Bayview Drive. The required funding is being requested
              Blind Curve. The Traffic and Mobility Engineer has    through the “annual budget process” and as soon as the
              recommended that additional signage be placed on either side   funding is approved, the work will be scheduled. An update
              of the NE 55th Place/NE 55th Lane and NE 31st Avenue   as to timing will be provided as the item moves through the
              intersection. They have also recommended the re-striping of the   budgeting process.
              double yellow line in the area of the “blind curve”. The request  Lighting. Enrique Sanchez, Deputy Parks Director, made a
              is being processed and we are hopeful that we will have a   presentation to the Board on March 21st. He covered the
              definitive time frame for the work provided in the near term.  City’s “Master Lighting Plan Standards” which will be
                                                                                             presented to the Commission in
                                                                                             the near term. He discussed the
                                                                                             opportunity to possibly upgrade
                                                                                             the street lighting with the FPL
                                                                                             standard LED fixtures. If the
                                                                                             Board presents a formal request,
                                                                                             he will further advise as to the
                                                                                             process and work with FPL in
                                                                                             determining the timing for a
                                                                                             change-out of the old high-
                                                                                             pressure sodium fixtures. He
                                                                                             discussed the process for the
                                                                                             application, pricing and
                                                                                             installation of decorative fixtures
                                                                                             and poles for areas with
                                                                                             designated bike and pedestrian
                                                                                             lanes. We will also address the
                                                                                             addition of four decorative
                                                                                             monument lighting fixtures at NE
                                                                                             55th and Federal (to illuminate
                                                                                             the dark side of the circle).
                                                                                             Stormwater System. As we
                                                                                             approach the “rainy season”,
                                                                                             it is important that we instruct
                                                                                             our “Lawn Maintenance
                                                                                             Contractors” to be sure and
                                                                                             pickup all lawn cuttings and leaf
                                                                                             accumulation. It is a violation for
                                                                                             a contractor, or a property
                                                                                             owner, to blow, place or
                                                                                             discharge yard trash/debris into
                                                                                             the public right-of-way. It is
                                                                                             important that we protect the
                                                                                             storm inlets from being clogged
                                                                                             with lawn cuttings and leaves as
                                                                                             it restricts the flow and
                                                                                             evacuation of stormwater from
                                                                                             the roadways.  (continued pg 10)

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