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                                                          L R A   President’s              Message

                                                    ince our last meeting in February when I was elected to the presidency, I have
                                                    tried to gain a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of the association, the
                                              S roles of each board member and committees, as well as the dates and deadlines
                                              we need to schedule around.
                                              I am so pleased with the enthusiasm, welcoming and commitment I have felt from our
                                              2022 board members, and committee chairs. Thank you all for all the work you have
                                              done and continue to do for our association and neighborhood.
                                              It will be a priority of mine to streamline the way we do things, to create guidelines and
                                              procedures for ease of future planning and running of our organization. We will
                                              collaborate to create a calendar that will help us prioritize and set deadlines for our
                 Helena Cooper                various events and tasks throughout the year.
                       President              Our aim should be to centralize our efforts and have a unified agenda of topics and
             projects of concern to us as a neighborhood.
                                              Solid relationships with our city officials, police department and code enforcement
                     OFFICERS                 personnel are critical. Our monthly meetings provide an excellent opportunity for us to
                                              work together as partners, put a face to a name, get to know each other and ensure
                   VICE PRESIDENT             our concerns are being heard, followed up and acted upon.
                     Diane Dodich
                  I feel that our goal as an association is to increase our membership and to keep our
                                              residents informed and involved. This will instill a feeling of empowerment and deep
                     Kathleen Cool            sense of community, where we know each other by name and take responsibility for the

                     betterment of the whole. n
                    Dana Mullaney
               Helena Cooper
                                              The Landings Residential Association
              BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                     Scott Cooper
                    Ronnie Dennis

                     Don Herzog

                  Michael Maschmeyer
                    Paul Renneisen
                                                                   Join Us!
                     Sussy Rosen

                    Shahina Siddiqi

          4                                                               The Landings & Bay Colony
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