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                                              Neighborhood Update

                                     LRA COMMITTEE


              Council of Fort Lauderdale                            City Manager Update. Chris Lagerbloom was with us via
              Civic Association                                     phone from Washington and briefed us on the following:
                                                                    • Bahia Mar and Onestop to be discussed by Commission
              Committee Report                                       3/15/22.

                                                                    • Water plant Proposal Ranking with no final decision yet.
              By Helena Cooper, Chair
                                                                    • Kushner Properties Development at Broward Blvd. is in
              At the February Council meeting there was a push for the   predevelopment stage and many questions before approval.
              Association Representatives to vote on the tunnel vs. bridge   • Budget start.
              project over the New River. Most of us felt like we had not   • Navy ship USS Fort Lauderdale commissioning to Port
              been given enough of a background on this and decided to   Everglades this summer
              postpone the vote.
                                                                    Arts. Anna Sorensen- Director of Development at the NSU Art
              It came up again at this meeting and still, I did not feel good   Museum came on to remind us to visit the museum and that
              about voting for The Landings as we have not been able to   the museum offers free admission on the last Sunday of every
              form an opinion as a board yet. The voting was done. 21   month from noon to 5:00 pm. Each first Thursday of the month
              associations voted on the motion for the Council to support the  is free admission all day until 7:00 pm. The current Exhibition
              tunnel project. Three associations voted No. Seven abstained.   is Keith Haring.
              11 voted Yes. However, due to by-law wording, this did not   Anna mentioned that the Museum now has a Neighborhood of
              constitute a majority and the motion did not pass.
                                                                    the Month program with a special tour and goody bag. The
              During our Landings March Board Meeting, we unanimously   Landings is Neighborhood of the Month for April and the
              voted in favor of the tunnel, so at the April 12th Council   Museum meet and greet for our neighborhood will be on April
              Meeting, I will vote accordingly.                     24th. (See the flyer invitation on pg. 22 of this issue.)
              Bridge vs. Tunnel Study Presentation. Phil Schwab, FDOT   City of Fort Lauderdale Neighborhood Recognition Program.
              Commuter Rail Project Manager, gave a thorough presentation  Jeanetta Maxena, Sr. Management Fellow reminded us to send
              of the Broward Commuter Rail Project Development and   in our Neighborhood Recognition application, which we have
              Environmental Study. The Study outlined four options: a low-  sent in. With the approved application comes a free parking
              level bridge, a medium-level bridge, a high-level fixed bridge,   pass for City Hall, 500 NCIP Points, complementary printing
              and the tunnel option,                                for neighborhood events and more. The registration is free and
              With the open bridge alternatives, the bridges would be open   gains us the best access to neighborhood support.
              10 minutes every hour. There will be a large amount of right-
              of-ways, aerial easements and underground easements   Public Works
              needed.                                               Committee Report
              The next commuter train connection to be built is between
              Aventura and Deerfield Beach adding trains to now total 100   By Tom Brinkley
              per day. The detailed presentation can be found on the   Bridge Repairs. The last update we obtained from Engineering
              Council’s website: Under ‘CFLCA and City Actions’,   indicated an estimated start date for “bridge maintenance” items,
              select ‘Minutes-General Meeting.’ Then select ‘March 8th GM   including foundation repairs to the South Bayview Drive Monument
              video’ and watch it on YouTube.                                                                 (continued pg 8)

          6                                              The Landings & Bay Colony
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