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                                         Commissioner’s Message

                                                 recently met with officials and
                                                 toured Elon Musk’s Boring
                                              ICo. project in Las Vegas to
                                              better understand how to bring
                                              tunnel technology to the City of
                                              Ft. Lauderdale.  This technology
                                              is a fraction of the costs, cleaner
                                              (zero emissions), and faster to
                                              build compared to traditional
                                              rails and tunnels. The importance
                                              of this visit expands well beyond
                                              alleviating traffic in Ft.
                                              Lauderdale.  As our city
                                              continues to manage growth, while attracting international and corporate businesses
                                              and tech companies, we need to move people in new ways.  We have worked hard to
                                              create conditions that offer entrepreneurs a favorable tax climate, growing
                   Heather Moraitis           infrastructure, and transit options like Brightline. And, we have done all of this while
                    District 1 Commissioner   keeping our beaches beautiful.
                    City of Fort Lauderdale
          On June 24, we received an unsolicited proposal from the Boring Company to build a
                                              tunnel from downtown to the beach along Las Olas. On July 6th, the Commission
                                              approved a resolution to accept this proposal, which would also allow other firms to
                                              submit a proposal for a similar project. This would be the first Boring Co. tunnel in our
                                              state and the first phase of an interconnected tunnel system transforming the way we
                                              live, work, and play without driving a car.
                                              There is no doubt that Ft. Lauderdale is a microcosm that offers a unique opportunity to
                     City Hall, 8th Floor
                     100 N Andrews Ave        live and work in an area that is economically vibrant and beautiful. Ft. Lauderdale can
                   Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311  be a great community for long-time residents while attracting new generations. But, that
                                              means continuing to evolve and invest in innovative ideas, doing things differently, and
                                              working together to use technology to solve problems.
                                              Seeing first-hand how the tunnel project worked in Las Vegas, how it can reduce
                                              congestion with the added benefit of helping our environment, and how we can save
                                              money by going the ‘Boring’ route, convinced me that we need to explore this
                                              transportation option. The Boring Company started with a tunnel under the Las Vegas
                                              Convention Center and now they are expanding the tunnel to connect to the rest of the
                                              Las Vegas. I’m ready to get started on the first phase of the tunnel in downtown and
                      Office Contact
                                              then connect to the airport, seaport, convention center and Lockhart Park in District 1!
                    Melissa Coningsby
                 District 1 Commission Assistant
          If you have any questions, please call or email me at 954-828-5033 or
                        954.828.5033 Follow me on Facebook @CommissionerHeatherMoraitis
                                              and Twitter @heathermoraitis for additional news, photos, and updates. Join me the first
                                              and third Monday of every month from 5PM – 6PM on Zoom to discuss neighborhood
                                              concerns and commission agenda items. Please email me for the zoom link. It is an
                                              honor to serve you and our city!  n

                                              Heather Moraitis
                                              Vice Mayor / Commissioner District 1
               CITY OF FORT LAUDERDALE        City of Fort Lauderdale

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