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                                       LRA Neighborhood Update

                              UPDATES FROM YOUR

                 LRA Committees

              Public Works Committee                                • The last of the "old" FPL poles along Bayview Drive
                                                                    (at NE 55th Place) was removed.
              • The City's contractor has commenced the pointing of
              surface- mounted utility pipes on the three Landings' bridges.  • The water line/road repair in front of 5551 NE 31st
                                                                    Avenue was completed.
              • The malfunctioning "Electronic Speed Sign" at the NE 55th
              Street Bridge was reported by Jim Becker; the City is working  Beautification Committee
              through the process of arranging for its repair.
                                                                    • Additional ornamental trees have been added to the
              • The request for the installation of a "No Thru Trucks" sign,  median of Bayview Drive between NE 52nd Street to a point
              to be placed as a "north-bound read" just south of the  north NE 55th Street. Additional plantings are anticipated in
              Bayview Bridge, is scheduled to be heard/approved at the  the coming months.
              August 8, 2021 Commission Meeting.

              Beautification Project

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