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                                     LRA Events & Updates continued

              The electronic speed sign at the NE 55th Street Bridge has  CFLCA Committee
              been replaced / repaired thanks to the efforts of Jim and  By Helena Cooper, Chair
              Cheryl Becker. The “No Thru Trucks” sign requested for
              Bayview Drive was approved by the City Commission and has  The Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Association acts as a
              been forwarded to the County.                         liaison between the various Homeowners Associations of Fort

              The City Engineering Department has confirmed they are  Lauderdale and our City government. At the monthly meetings,
              working to resolve the settlement of one of the monument signs  held on the second Tuesday of every month, the council
              on Bayview Drive. This process will take at least 2 – 3 months  provide informative speakers on various current topics related
              to complete once the cause of settlement is determined. Our  to our city. You can sign up for Council updates and meeting
              request for the elimination of several “duplicate signs” is under information at: The October meeting will be held on
              review by Public Works.                               October 12th. The meetings are also recorded and shown on
                                                                    the CFLCA YouTube channel for those that are interested but
              Transportation and Mobility Department is in the closing
                                                                    can’t attend it live.
              stages of planning and design of the road improvements
              scheduled for Bayview Drive (between Sunrise Blvd. and  Some of the topics covered at the September 14th Zoom
              Commercial Blvd) after some seven years in the planning,  meeting were:
              grant and funding process. The commencement date for the  Community Activism. Scott Dudley, Florida League of Cities
              improvements is estimated for 9/2022 and the work should  urges us to get our voices heard on issues involving us, both
              be completed by December 2023 +/-. We have requested  on a state and local level. By texting “home rule” to 50457,
              “planning meetings” be scheduled for the possible     you will receive legislative updates. He further tells us to get
              continuation of the improvements on Bayview Drive (between  our thoughts and feelings across to our elective officials early
              Commercial and NE 62nd Street) in the coming months. This  and hold them accountable, but also come up with solutions of
              will be a long-term planning and funding process, but we  our own.
              need to take the first step!! We are hopeful to begin this
              process in early 2023, if not sooner.                 Solar. The City of Fort Lauderdale encourages residents to go
                                                                    solar by joining the Solar United Neighbors co-op. Information
                                                                    regarding this can be found at www.solarunited
                                                                    Paddle With a Purpose. In connection and support of Make a
                                                                    Difference Day on October 23rd, there will be a waterways
                                                                    clean up event held by non-profit group Paddle with a Purpose.
                                                                    Let’s rally around this to make a difference in our neighborhood.
                                                                    For more information, visit to register.
                                                                    Contact for any questions.
              Many of your neighbors have frequently reported the   This event can also serve as a reminder to make a difference in
              condition of the property at 5596 Bayview Drive to Code   our neighborhood all year. Get to know your neighbors and
              Enforcement for various violations. We are advised that the   find out how you can be of help and support of each other. n

              lender has instituted foreclosure proceedings and the property
              should be on “the auction block” soon. Hopefully, this will be
              the first step in the lender (or new owner) addressing the
              condition of the property.
              LPR Cameras a Reality! We achieved this goal because of you,
              the many neighbors that believed in the importance of these
              cameras and contributed. To you, a sincere and appreciative
              "Thank You!"
              Update: The City Commission has approved the RL Agreement
              (right-of-way use License) for the installation of the LPR
              Cameras. Permitting for the installation is underway, with
              construction / installation to follow.

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