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                                              President’s Message

                                              Victoria Park Civic Association

                                              Happy New Year

                                                                has a lot of great things in store
                                                                for Victoria Park: A proposed
                                              2019parks bond, which could result in
                                              significant additions and improves to parks in our
                                              neighborhood, the planned renovation of Parker
                                              Playhouse, water main improvement projects in
                                              Victoria Park, continued traffic calming projects, and
                                              much more. The VPCA has worked hard to ensure
                                              these projects benefit Victoria Park as much as
                                              possible. Additional information about the parks bond
                                              and the renovation of Parker Playhouse can be found
                                              in this edition of our newsletter. Be sure to keep your
                                              membership active in the VPCA in order to have a say on these and other important
                                              things going on in the neighborhood.
                                              In March, our newsletter will contain more information on all the recent
                                              accomplishments of the VPCA (the list is quite long), all the reasons to join the VPCA
                                              or renew your membership in the VPCA, and how to join the VPCA or renew your
                                              membership in the VPCA. We hope to get our membership drive off to a great start
                                              so that we can continue to further the interests of Victoria Park as effectively as we
                                              have over the last 30+ years. That can only happen if our membership base
                                              continues to be one of the largest in Fort Lauderdale, and we need your help to
                                              make that happen.

                                              Andrew Gordon
                               Don Gillin


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