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President’s Message

                                        Victoria Park Civic Association

                                        Dear Neighbors,

                                                   hile the VPCA doesn’t technically meeting in
                                                   August, our volunteers have been hard at
                                        Wwork promoting and protecting the interests
                                        of Victoria Park at City Hall and the County, as well as
                                        planning our awesome Halloween neighborhood events
                                        (more information on our neighborhood-focused
                                        Halloween events can be found on the next page).
                                        Below are just a few of the highlights of the VPCA’s
                                        accomplishments from the last couple months.
                                        Thanks to the efforts of our Traffic Committee, co-chaired
                                        by Bradley Weiss and Sandy Leiper, you will be seeing
                                        more and more re-striping of the intersections in Victoria
                                        Park. Brad and Sandy have been working closely with the City and County to ensure our
                                        neighborhood gets the attention it deserves in terms of managing and controlling traffic.
                                        Our representative to the Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations represented
                                        the VPCA at the August Judicial Candidate Forum at Art Serve.
                                        The VPCA’s Kids’ Play Date at the playground at Virginia Shuman Young Elementary
                                        School is back up and running.
                                        More and more VP kids are taking advantage of our neighborhood recently being
                                        re-zoned to Harbordale Elementary (see the article in our July 2018 issue.)
                                        As you may have noticed, we have seen a significant and much-appreciated uptick
                                        in the number of traffic police in and around the neighborhood.
                                        All of these great things didn’t just happen through osmosis. They happened because
                                        of a large group of volunteers and members who sincerely care about making Victoria
                                        Park a better place to live, work, and play. If you are interested in volunteering, please
                                        reach out directly to me. If you have not renewed membership in the VPCA or have yet
                                        to join the VPCA, please do so today. Without your membership, all the great things
                                        going on in Victoria Park are would not be possible.

                                        Andrew Gordon

                                       VICTORIA P ARK       6   CIVIC ASSOCIA TION
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